About us

The company is currently operating and expanding its activities in the field of renewable energy sources. The goal is to increase the production of renewable energy resources, reduce the consumption of imported fossil fuels, thus increasing the production of local electricity.

The company contributes to the use of “green” energy production and is interested in further development in this area. It has invested in the construction of wind power plants and energy production. It also focuses on biofuel energy activities with the greatest potential for renewable energy (firewood and wood for fuel and agricultural waste).

Atsinaujinanti energija

Wind energy

The company invests in the construction of windmills and wind energy production. We currently have several wind farms that sell electricity.


Solar power

The company’s interest is the production and sale of solar energy. The sun is the most powerful source of renewable energy.


Gas energy

Biogas is a type of renewable fuel, considered to be one of the most advanced forms of renewable energy, and is being actively developed in many European countries.